Feast Your Muggle Eyes On Daniel Radcliffe’s New Series ‘Miracle Workers’

Feast Your Muggle Eyes On Daniel Radcliffe’s New Series ‘Miracle Workers’

If you’re convinced that you’ll only ever see a boy wizard when you gaze upon Daniel Radcliffe, I must insist that you oculus reparo your vision because he’s becoming increasingly more versatile with each and every project.

Hoping for a show to come along and reinvigorate your love of quirky office comedies? Sign up to Stan for a 30 day trial to check out Miracle Workers and get your prayers answered.

The latest of which is Miracle Workers, a Stan series which delves into the bureaucratic intricacies of Heaven, a highly eccentric God and a drawer full of mustard packets.

Radcliffe plays Craig, a lowly angel working dutifully in the lower floors of Heaven as a prayer answerer. It may sound like a coveted job, but the not-so-fancy reality shows the cynical side of the show and makes you question whether prayers ever really can be answered.

Tucked away, bearded and wrapped in blankets with his headphones on (it’s a real mood, if we’re honest), Radcliffe’s Craig is the sort of frazzled recluse who likes his routine and doesn’t get a lot of company. Burgers with friends? Aspirational, but unthinkable.

There’s something really quite wholesome and heartwarming about seeing Craig’s nervous energy shifting to joy at each infinitesimal move that results in a prayer being answered (even if it is simply to find someone’s lost keys).

Except disruption is key to good television, and that comes in the form of Geraldine Viswanathan’s character, Eliza. Ready to shake up the place (and escape the Department of Dirt), she joins Craig in the Department of Answered Prayers and somehow winds up convincing a dishevelled God (played by Steve Buscemi) to destroy Earth. Oops.

It’s pretty clear to see that this God isn’t your conventional holy figure. Buscemi plays him with all the eccentricity and frazzle that you’d expect from a creator who’s become disillusioned with his creation – and really it’s worth it just to hear Steve Buscemi proclaim, “Hoochie Mama”.

With two weeks granted upon the pair to answer one seemingly impossible prayer, it’s a race against time for Craig and Eliza to orchestrate a miracle.

And yes, although there’s an element of magic and fate at hand in the show, it’s a solid departure from the wizardry you may have come to expect. The pace is snappy, the awkward but affectionate dialogue is relatable and the twenty minute episodes lend to a binge-fest that you’ll hardly feel passing.

If anything, it leaves you wanting more. In the days of streaming where you go immediately to the next episode (thank you world), the wait for each week’s new episode definitely raises the hype and gets you excited to tune in – and that’s something we haven’t felt in a while.

If you’re into office comedy with a heavenly aura, Miracle Workers goes a long way in answering that prayer.

You can catch the first season of Miracle Workers exclusively on Stan now.