Annette Bening Relied On Her Kids To Understand Her Captain Marvel Role

Annette Bening Relied On Her Kids To Understand Her Captain Marvel Role

Annete Bening has a meaningful and mysterious role in Captain Marvel, an exciting part for the wonderful actress. Talking to Stephen Colbert, it definitely seems like she’s had a good time with the role. Though she didn’t always, uh, understand it.

In a recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Bening reveals who she’s playing in the film (in case you don’t want to find out, don’t watch the video), along with a quick clip. She also revealed that the process of learning about and inhabiting her role was, at times, a bit mystifying for her, so much so that she needed to bring in some outside help.

“When I read the script, I did find it slightly confusing,” she said. “However, I took into my confidence, and the confidence of the entire Disney corporation, two of my kids. Who I then told the story to, and asked them to please explain to me what the hell was going on.”

At like twenty films and counting, not getting everything at first pass is pretty reasonable. If I didn’t work for a pop culture site, I’d probably be pretty confused, too. Bening also reveals some slight but fun details about her shooting experience, including that she was literally spirited away in the middle of the night to a secret location for filming. Which, honestly, sounds super cool.

Captain Marvel is just a little bit away now, opening March 8, 2019.