Watch These Star Wars Resistance Shorts While You Wait For The Series To Return 

No, there wasn’t a Star Wars movie out this Christmas, but there was a bunch of new Star Wars content released over the holiday season.

The remainder of the 12 new Star Wars Resistance shorts hit the web in the past several days, each telling a short and sweet story packed with either action or humour. Just enough to give you a little Star Wars tease as we wait not just for Resistance to return, but all the other Star Wars stuff coming this year.

Here’s a link to the full, 12-episode playlist.

However, if you only have time for a few, we recommend “Sixty Seconds to Destruction” and “The Need for Speed,” which have more footage of the platform Aces in them than most of the full-length episodes do:

Star Wars Resistance will be back to finish its first season in the coming weeks.

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