This Mashup Reimagines Jordan Peele’s Us As A Disney Channel Movie

This Mashup Reimagines Jordan Peele’s Us As A Disney Channel Movie

We don’t really know all that much about the plot of Jordan Peele’s new horror project Us, but the film’s first trailer provided just enough inspiration for one clever video editor from Yeek Studios, who drew some interesting comparisons between the live-action thriller and The Proud Family Disney Channel Original movie.

The Proud Family Movie tells the story of how Penny Proud and her family cross paths with George Washington Carver’s great-great-grandson, a scientist in his own right who’s trying to figure out a way to create an army of warriors synthesised using peanut DNA. Dr. Carver believes that Oscar Proud’s formula—that multiplies snacks—might be the key to making his own experiments successful, and so he hatches a scheme to replace the entire Proud family with a group of evil clones who look exactly like them.

Well, doesn’t that sound familiar?

The Proud Family Movie isn’t anywhere near as dark and violent as Us appears to be, but the blend of the two films just works.

The Proud Family Movie closes on an upbeat note with Penny realising that she loves her family despite all their imperfections, but it seems safe to bet that when Us hits theatres on March 15, things aren’t going to end quite as well for the movie’s terrified heroes.