The Samsung Galaxy S10 Is In The Wild With OneUI

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Is In The Wild With OneUI
Image: Samsung

There are two smartphone releases each year that people most look forward; new iPhones and the latest Samsung Galaxy S series. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be officially announced in about four weeks in the prelude to Mobile World Congress. And now, the first pictures of the Galaxy S10 being used have emerged.

Leaked images posted by Gregory Blake on Twitter reveal several interesting details.

The new phone will include a crypto-currency wallet that works with the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore.
And the presence of the camera ‘hole”, super-thin bezels and curved display are now 100% certain. Screen captures from the phone also reveal the phone runs Samsung’s December 1st security update and that the phone will have microSD storage.

We’ve already revealed that the S10 will come in three versions; the regular 6.1-inch display, a ‘Plus’ version with a 6.4-inch display and a ‘Lite’ model which will have a smaller, flat 5.8-inch display with broader bezels.

While the Samsung Galaxy S10 Weill run the most recent version of Android, it will be overlaid with Samsung;s OneUI – an all new interface that make Android even easier to use without removing all the technical features tinkerers like to play with.

While Aussie pricing isn’t confirmed we can expect the entry level to start at around $1100 with the premium models coming close to $2500. That’s based on some leaked UK prices. Availability is expect in early March.