Shock Of Shocks, The Venom Sequel Is Moving Forward

Shock Of Shocks, The Venom Sequel Is Moving Forward

We. Are. Sequel.

After the insane international success of Venom, there was little doubt that a sequel would be coming. Now, officially, it is. Variety reports that Kelly Marcel, one of the three credited screenwriters on the first film, has been tapped to get started on the follow-up to the almost $1,262 million hit.

There’s no word what exactly the sequel will entail, but it will very likely have something to do with Eddie Brock/Venom (Tom Hardy) showing down with Cletus Kasady/Carnage (Woody Harrelson) as teased by the first film’s mid-credit scene.

Michelle Williams is also expected to return, though director Ruben Fleischer, who has the Zombieland sequel coming out later this year, is still a wild card. Variety says a new director is likely to come on board.

Before she co-wrote Venom, Marcel was best known for adapting Fifty Shades of Grey, writing for the Fox sci-fi show Terra Nova, and co-writing Disney’s Mary Poppins drama, Saving Mr. Banks. If you think about it, in an odd way, that mix of sex, sci-fi, and meta is pretty well suited to the insanity of Venom.