Remember Samsung’s Massive Wall TV? Now There’s A Bigger One

Remember Samsung’s Massive Wall TV? Now There’s A Bigger One
Image: Samsung

At CES 2019 Samsung unveiled The Wall – a bloody huge TV that certainly lived up to its namesake.

Well apparently a casual 146-inches wasn’t quite big enough. In 2019 its getting even bigger.

That’s right, one of this year’s Walls will be coming in at an astounding 219-inches. Considering that the 2018 was only ever sold commercially, I’m aching to know who decided that it wasn’t enough of a unit already. I would also like to shake their hand.

The 219-inch Wall wasn’t the only Micro LED TV announced for 2019. There will also be a 75-inch version that will most likely be for consumers.

It has also been implied that there may be smaller Micro LED TVs in the future.

You can learn more about Samsung’s Micro LED technology here.

The author attended CES 2019 as a guest of Samsung and Dell.

2019 Is The Year Of The Micro LED TV

This time last year Samsung unveiled The Wall. Named for its mammoth size and bezel-less design, it also featured brand new Micro LED display tech.</p> <p>It was a sensation at the time, but begged the question - how is this relevant to my home? 146-inches isn't practical for the everyday person. </p> <p>Besides, it was only ever released commercially. But that's going to change in 2019.

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