Disney’s Star Wars Land Is Getting Its Own Comic, Because Of Course It Is

Disney’s Star Wars Land Is Getting Its Own Comic, Because Of Course It Is

This is absolutely the world we live in now, when it comes to the “everything is connected and matters” take Disney and Lucasfilm have with Star Wars beyond the realms of TV and movies. It’s given us some good stuff, absolutely, but now it’s giving us Star Wars: The Theme Park: The Comic Book.

spend a lot of money getting drunk. Preferably not at the same time, though — don’t drink and hyperdrive, folks.

Anyhoo, the comic—also called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge—will be written by Ethan Sacks, and feature art from Will Sliney. It will follow the adventures of an Ithorian antiquities merchant named Dok-Ondar, who finds himself caught up in the arrival of the First Order on the edges of Wild Space, the uncharted outer limits of the galaxy far, far away. Dok-Ondar’s adventures will see him search for a mysterious artifact that could stop the First Order’s advance, linked to an old smuggling adventure pulled off in the past by none other than Han Solo and Chewbacca, the only smugglers around doing any smuggling, it seems.

Meet Dok-Ondar, in concept art from Lucasfilm that will also serve as the cover for issue #1 of the comic. (Image: Karl Lindberg and Iain McCaig, Lucasfilm/Marvel Comics)

Ondar already got a brief namedrop in Solo: A Star Wars Story—now the Oscar-nominated Solo: A Star Wars Story—but Galaxy’s Edge (the comic) will give fans a chance to see him before they meet him in Galaxy’s Edge (the theme park area), where…it sounds like he’ll run the gift shop?

He probably runs the gift shop. And now, he’s a comic book hero. Or at least, will be when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #1 hits shelves in April.