Contract-Free Phone Plans You Can Ditch Whenevs

Contract-Free Phone Plans You Can Ditch Whenevs
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Some people just can’t handle the stifling confines of commitment. A 12- or 24-month contract might not be a big deal for some, but it can seem like hell for others. What if a better value phone plan comes along? A phone plan with more data? A plan with prettier hair? The grass is always greener.

There’s good news though. No-contract phone plans are now more popular than ever. If a better deal comes around, you can leave whenever you want without any awkward goodbyes or early exit fees.

So if you’d prefer to have an open relationship with your telco, here’s a bunch of no-contract phone plans you can ghost easier than a bad Tinder date.

No-Contract Phone Plans With At Least 15GB

While telcos often reserve their best deals for customers willing to commit, there’s still plenty of great high inclusion contract-free plans around.

SpinTel currently offers the best bang-for-buck, with a 15GB plan for $29.95 per month. It’s also waiving its $10 activation fee for a limited time.

Belong will do 15GB for $40 per month on the Telstra network, and you’ll also get unlimited international talk and text to selected 36 countries.

And if you need a larger allowance, Vaya’s $44 per month plan comes with 30GB, which makes it one of the highest inclusion contract-free plans around.

No-Contract Phone Plans With At Least 2GB

If you don’t need quite as much data, there’s a few great deals at the lower end of the market.

SpinTel wins on bang-for-buck again, thanks to its 2GB $9.95 per month plan. While you only get 100 minutes of talk, it’s hard to find a better deal for less than $10. And who makes phone calls any more?

If 2GB isn’t quite enough, both Exetel and Belong’s $25 plans are worth considering: Exetel is offering 6GB for $24.99 per month, Belong 5GB for $25. Exetel is powered by the Optus network, while Belong is powered by Telstra.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s now had far too many phone plan related dreams.