Asus’ New Keyboard Can Hide Your Porn

Asus’ New Keyboard Can Hide Your Porn
Image: Asus

Asus just revealed its new ROG Strix CTRL gaming keyboard. Like any new hardware announcements, a press release went out the media, highlighting its features and benefits.

One in particular caught my eye…

Under the ‘Perks’ section of the email, the F12 key is given special mention.

“The F12 key has its own unique purpose. It’s a Stealth key that hides all running apps and mutes audio, giving privacy when the phone rings or someone walks in uninvited.”


I mean I guess they could have meant it innocently? Perhaps they were referring to situations where a kid walks into the room while you’re watching an MA15+ movie.

But come on, it’s extremely on the nose.

The best part is there the very next line of the release says how the keyboard is also “built for action.”

I bet.

Whatever you decide to use the F12 key for, the CTRL does seem like a nice bit of kit, regardless.

Not only is it a beautiful mechanical keyboard, it has been designed especially for gamers, with an enlarged CTRL key to be as big as the left Shift, making it easier to hit with your pinky.

As a woman who loves to game and always has this problem, I think this design is awesome. My hands are way to small to hit CTRL comfortably. This bad boy might just revolutionise my game play.

I guess it depends on whether it reduces the stretch. I’ll let you know once I get my hands on it on the show floor here at CES.

You can learn more about the ROG Strix CTRL, minus my filthy mind, over on Asus’ website.

The author travelled to CES 2019 as a guest of Samsung and Dell.