The Kingsman Prequel Could Be Adding Some Fascinating New Stars

The Kingsman Prequel Could Be Adding Some Fascinating New Stars

The director behind Bao is working on a new feature at Pixar. King of the Monsters is sneakily tying itself into Godzilla’s movie past. The Russos shoot down yet another Avengers 4 theory. Plus, Katherine McNamara makes her Arrow debut, and more pictures from the Elseworlds crossover. To me, my Spoilers!

Kingsman Prequel

Collider reports both Daniel Brühl and Charles Dance have officially joined the cast of the upcoming Kingsman prequel in undisclosed roles, while Rhys Ifans is currently in talks to play “a dangerous and manipulative Russian mystic.” The film, a prequel, is purportedly set during the First World War, and wants to delve into the origins of the Kingsman organisation.

Untitled Pixar Movie

Speaking with Deadline, Bao director Domee Shi revealed she’s now developing her feature debut at Pixar.

We’re just developing the story for it right now. It’s super early on, but I’m really excited to play in this new 90-minute film format.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Screen Rant notes a pair of recent Tweets from Monarch Sciences reference (if not retroactively canonise) two earlier Toho movies, 1973’s Tidal Wave and 1991’s Godzilla vs King Ghidorah.

Avengers 4

During a Q&A at a recent screening of Infinity War, the Russo’s confirmed Loki is (at present) dead, and not currently posing as Bruce Banner.


Coming Soon has three new banners.


Coming Soon also has the latest poster for Glass.

Mary Poppins Returns

A new featurette hypes Emily Blunt’s performance as Mary Poppins.


Deadline reports Yvette Monreal and Christopher James Baker have joined the cast of DC Universe’s Stargirl as series regulars. No further details on their characters are available at this time.

Legends of Tomorrow

Episode 13 of season four is titled, “Egg MacGuffin,” according to Keto Shimizu on Twitter.


Gamespot has a ton of pictures from the crossover — most are old, but there’s a few new ones tucked in there. Head on over to the link to see more.


TV Line has a photo of Shadowhunters star Katherine McNamara as Maya, “a scrappy street fighter and thief from Star City” as she appears in next week’s episode, “Unmasked.”


Finally, Ramiel sends an SOS from Heaven in the trailer for next week’s episode of Supernatural, “Byzantium.”

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