The Charmed Reboot’s Mid Season Ended On One Hell Of A Note

The Charmed Reboot’s Mid Season Ended On One Hell Of A Note

Look at the image above. That was my face at the end of Charmed’s midseason finale. That’s not some clever quip—that was literally the look on my face. Sitting on my living room couch, coffee in hand, totally blown away.

Most of the latest episode of Charmed, “Jingle Hell,” was relatively par for the witchy course. So far, the series has been a mix of highs and lows, mixing some great jokes and thoughtful character arcs with some questionable choices and laughingly terrible special effects. Also Harry the perfect hot zombie man angel.

I’m happy I’ve been on the journey so far, as I’m sure other Charmed fans have, but it hasn’t been a perfect ride. This episode followed that general trajectory. It had some good moments—I especially loved Harry getting sloshed on coquito—but it also was relatively tame. That is, until the ending.

The midseason finale was all about Parker and his brother trying to steal the Charmed Ones’ powers so Parker could become a full demon and serve as the vessel for the Source Of All Evil. I know Parker is supposed to be this show’s version of Cole Turner, Phoebe’s half-demon boyfriend, but Smoke Demon Boy there can’t hold a black flame candle to Darth Balthazar. It had to be said.

Anyway, the final two minutes (!!) of the episode were where things went from average to full-on sensory overload. After Parker stopped his brother from attacking the Charmed Ones—revealing himself as a demon to Maggie, much to her heartbreak—everything seemingly went back to normal. Parker was gone, the demon defeated, and everything seemed tense but ok as the sisters gathered around the tree to awkwardly open presents. But then….BOOM after BOOM after BOOM.

Boom. (Image: The CW)

Parker’s brother, Hunter, shows up to get revenge.

Boom again. (Image: The CW)

Then, Parker himself comes back, ready to defend his girlfriend against the forces of evil. Armed with the weird glittery priest staff, Parker starts to send his own brother to hell. The sisters pitch in.

Only one problem: As the sisters work to complete the spell and send Hunter to the pit of eternal hellfire, they’re not paying attention to the fact that Hunter is literally holding onto Harry for dear life.

HARRY. (Image: The CW)




That’s right. Hot Harry was pulled into the fiery depths of hell. The fedora-wearing, breaking-making, karaoke-singing zombie angel man is gone. I mean, presumably not forever— any time is too long a time without Harry. But showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman has a tendency to challenge expectations in her other adaptation, Jane the Virgin, so there’s always a chance that really might have been the death of a series regular eight episodes in.

Based on the preview for the next episode, “Keep On And Harry On,” the Charmed Ones are already trying to get him back, but we’ll have to wait and see if it actually works.

And that’s not all…guess who saw the whole thing.

That danger scar’s working overtime, Galvin. (Image: The CW)