Star Wars Resistance Just Revealed A Huge Skeleton In Someone’s Closet

Star Wars Resistance Just Revealed A Huge Skeleton In Someone’s Closet

We’re about 10 episodes into the first season of Star Wars Resistance and some of its biggest revelations have all come from invading personal space.

Going into Yeager’s secret office revealed crucial information about his family. Going into Torra’s bedroom revealed there are Ewok toys in this universe. And this week, going into Captain Doza’s office revealed something pretty significant as well.

Star Wars Resistance Just Revealed A Huge Skeleton In Someone’s Closet

In the episode, “Secrets and Holograms,” the biggest reveal came from what Kaz found in Captain Doza’s closet: an old Imperial officer uniform. Yes, Captain Doza, current head of the Colossus, used to be in the Empire. Kaz doesn’t think that bodes well considering Doza may soon make a deal with the First Order.

However, it bodes very well for the show because it can give us another glimpse of what life is like now for people who fought in the war between the Rebels and the Empire. Of course, we’ve seen lots of that in different pockets of Star Wars, from Battlefront II and Aftermath, to Luke, Leia, Han and beyond — but in this case, Doza is a father, a leader, a respected member of his community.

I don’t exactly think the fact that he was a “bad guy” in the past necessarily makes him a “bad guy” now. The way he reacted when Rucklin (welcome back to Star Wars, Elijah Wood!) tried to open the closet with the uniform in it shows there are some deep emotions there. Is Doza scared by what the revelation means? Is he ashamed? The episode ended before Kaz could really explore it much, but hopefully, we’ll find out what, if anything, it means in the near future.

Star Wars Resistance Just Revealed A Huge Skeleton In Someone’s ClosetThis episode also took the trash compactor to a whole new level. (Image: Lucasfilm)

In more “Star Wars Resistance Reveals Cool Info Via Personal Space” news, Dora has a stuffed Ortolan in her room, an alien race we know and love thanks to Max Rebo from Return of the Jedi. Plus her flight simulator video game included a giant space slug to eat the ships, which was a nice little wink to The Empire Strikes Back.

Basically, Star Wars Resistance is at its best when it’s about racing, or in someone’s personal space. So let’s do more of each.

On the other hand, “Secrets and Holograms” also showed Resistance at its worst. The episode is yet another example of Kaz being the conduit for the narrative as well as the least interesting thing in it. He’s running around, somehow getting into these situations, but everything he sees or finds out is so much bigger or complex than him. I really hope that’s something Resistance fixes as the season, and series, moves on.