Scrooge McDuck Lives Up To His Namesake In An Exclusive Look At DuckTales' Holiday Special

Scrooge is really, really not in the mood for a visit from Santa this year. (Image: Disney)

The season of holiday cheer is upon us, even in Duckburg. But a certain someone is desperately trying not to get caught up in a festive duck-blur in our exclusive look at DuckTales’ delightful holiday special!

Gizmodo has a teensy snippet from tomorrow’s very special episode of the DuckTales reboot, “Last Christmas,” which sees the gang sent on a time-travelling adventure (funny that, considering Doctor Who’s David Tennant voices Scrooge) to Christmas parties of the past...thanks to Scrooge wanting to avoid anything Christmas related, in his humbug mood. It’s all very A Christmas Carol, obviously. Or I guess in this Disney-specific regard, a bit “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”, right?

Check out a clip below, debuting right here on Gizmodo:

And if that wasn’t enough, check out this delightful holiday-themed version of the iconic opening, which will play in the episode:

Scrooge might be a lost cause, but if that doesn’t give you a modicum of festive cheer, then I don’t know what will. DuckTales’ “Last Christmas” will air on the Disney Channel tomorrow, December 1, at 7:30 a.m. EST.

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