Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego Reboot Has A New Premiere Date And Some Mysterious Teaser Images

Carmen Sandiego and two...friends? (Image: Netflix)

It seems like it was forever ago when Netflix swooped in out of nowhere and dropped a piece of mysterious teaser art announcing its upcoming Carmen Sandiego reboot.

Since then, there hasn’t been all that much revealed about the new series, but today, the studio announced a new release date and dropped a handful of interesting new images.

Before she hits the small screen as the supervillain in a live-action Netflix film, Gina Rodriguez will first voice Carmen Sandiego in her new animated series that drops on January 18. According to Entertainment Weekly, the 20-episode season will be split between Carmen’s present day heists as the world’s most renowned thief, as well as her mysterious past that led to her becoming a criminal.

Carmen Sandiego and two...friends? (Image: Netflix)
Carmen facing off against a foe. (Image: Netflix)

It’s great to see that the style of the first teaser image is going to be carried throughout the whole of Carmen Sandiego, and if the show’s animation is as slick as its aesthetics, Netflix might have another animated hit on its hands.

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