If You Love Tennis And Speed This Is The Nissan GT-R For You

If You Love Tennis And Speed This Is The Nissan GT-R For You

U.S. Open champion Naomi Osaka deserved far more than some of the treatment she got after winning the title earlier this year, but, if anything, she now has a Nissan GT-R made just for her.

Nissan’s only making 50 of the special editions, and, unfortunately for a lot of wealthy tennis fans out there, they’re Japan only.

The GT-R is part of Osaka’s partnership as a Nissan brand ambassador, which began not long after she became the first player born in Japan to win a Grand Slam singles championship.

Osaka got a 600-horsepower GT-R Nismo as part of the partnership last month, and this month, she’s got her own GT-R edition.

Osaka’s GT-R edition is based on the GT-R Premium trim, which regularly starts at $189,000 in Aus for the 2019 model year and has 565 HP compared to the Nismo’s 600. Pricing is about the same in Japan, with what looks to be the 2018 Premium trim starting at 11.7 million yen on the website, or about $195,000 at current exchange rates.

(The GT-R is ancient and doesn’t change much, and a model year isn’t labelled in the Google Chrome website translation.)

Nissan didn’t announce pricing on the 50 special edition GT-Rs yet but said Osaka “helped match the colour schemes” on the car, which has three body colours and three interior colour schemes that can all be mixed together freely.

Is it bad to want the purple one with the red interior? Is that wrong?

You know, don’t answer that. When it comes to cars, matters of the heart can’t be “right” or “wrong.”