Gizmodo’s Tech Stocking ‘Stuffer’ Gift Guide

Gizmodo’s Tech Stocking ‘Stuffer’ Gift Guide
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So you’ve managed to find that big gift for your family member, but just one present doesn’t go down well at Christmas. Instead of just freaking out and buying some candy and socks for your loved ones, why not have a look at these hand picked stocking ‘stuffers’?

Wireless Charging Pad For Phones

The best feature about the new generation of smart phones has to be the touch charging capabilities. Being able to just place the phone down on a surface to charge instead of having to deal with cables and plugging in the charger the wrong way over and over again.

I have an inbuilt charger in my side table and it is incredibly convenient.

The BlitzWolf 5W is compatible with iPhone X/8/8Plus, Samsung S8/ S8 Plus/Note 8/7/S7/S7 Edge/S6, LG G3, Nexus 4/5/6/7 and All Qi-Enable Devices (5W,Black)

Price: $21

Orzly Carry Case Nintendo Switch

Image source: Amazon

The perfect gift for the gamer or Nintendo fan in your life. When it comes to handheld devices having a good case is a must – especially for the Nintendo Switch and all of the side components. This case allows you to easily carry the console, controllers, games and charge cable in one convenient carry bag.

If you know of someone who has a Switch then this is a treat alternative to trying to guess a game they may already own. Cases also come in a variety of colours and styles for roughly the same price.

Price: $30

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Image source: Amazon

As smart home devices become more mainstream they generally become cheaper as well. Thanks to Amazon saturating the market with smart home speakers anyone can now afford to fill that AI void in their heart.

The Echo Dot is a smart home speaker that connects to your WI-FI network and will try it’s best to fulfill your every want and whim. By that I mean tell you about the weather and set alarms. It’s not much yet, but new features are added almost daily and soon enough we will be facing a real life HAL situation.

Price: $40

Steam Gift Card

Image source: Steam

Now that Steam is in AUD there’s never been a better time to stock up on some Steam currency before the Steam Christmas Sale during December. A gift card like this is perfect for getting someone the game they want, without making a mistake and getting them the wrong one or something to that effect. With a Steam gift card they can choose exactly what they want and might even have some left over to get a cool new indie game during the sales as well.

Price: $10, $20, $50, $100

GD Mini Computer USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner

Image source: Amazon

Dust, crumbs, pet fur and dirt tend to build up in keyboards rapidly. Taking keyboards apart just to clean in between the keys can be a real drag (not to mention putting it all back together again). Instead this handy little gadget gets in between the keys to suck up all the stuff stuck in your nice mechanical keyboard.

As someone who has a mechanical keyboard I know that you need to clean it a few times a year, so having a cheap and handy solution like this come from Santa (even just as a stocking stuffer) would be pretty nice.

Price: $14

Fire TV Stick

Gifting someone the ability to join the streaming movement is a great gift. Getting someone a Fire TV Stick will allow them to transform their TV into a home entertainment device. This little device enables access to Prime Video, Netflix, Youtube, Stan and over 4,000 apps and games.

Introduce someone to the wonders of watching all your shows on the internet with the Fire TV Stick this Christmas.

Price: $70

Seagate Expansion Portable Drive 4TB

Having an extra 4TB laying around the house can come in really handy. Whether it is for work or for home the Seagate Expansion Portable Hardrive is a useful tool for any tech head.

PC gamers will especially love the extra space, as games can take up huge amounts of memory these days. Others will enjoy it as a virtual library of TV shows and movies that can take on the road with a laptop for entertainment on the road.

Price: $143

Sony SRS-XB10L Wireless Speaker

Having a Bluetooth speaker around for parties and gatherings is a must, I mean how else are you going to play the Michael Bublé Christmas album on Christmas day? It is an Australian tradition to open all the doors in the house while eating a big lunch on Christmas, with either the Cricket or Mum’s favourite Christmas soundtrack playing in the distance. So give the gift of music this year with a Sony SRS-XB10L Wireless Speaker.

Compatible with Bluetooth and NFC.

Price: $57


8Bitdo DPad USB Hub

Image source: ThinkGeek

As someone with an abundance of peripherals for my PC I could never have enough UBS hubs. These allow you to plug more USB powered items into your PC, with the added convenience of only having to interact with the hub once plugged in and never having to crawl under the desk and fiddle around down there ever again.

Price: $10