Fred Savage Grills Ryan Reynolds On The Reason For An M-Rated Deadpool

Fred Savage and Deadpool, just hangin' out. (Image: Fox)

With Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox all but agreed upon, there have been a number of questions as to how the House of Mouse might go about incorporating all of Fox's old Marvel IP into the larger cinematic universe — especially properties like Deadpool, which has found box office success by going for hard R-rated films. Once Upon a Deadpool's new teaser delves into the "why?"

Though the answer's kinda obvious, the latest Once Upon a Deadpool trailer spells it out fairly succinctly with a rapid-fire exchange between a held-hostage Fred Savage and one Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds).

Why is Deadpool 2 being released with a different title and a gentler rating? Well, 1) money; 2) Disney's a family company, people, get it together.

Editor's note: In Australia, Once Upon A Deadpool has been rated M.

Whether this means that future Deadpool movies released under the Marvel Studios branding will similarly skew a little younger and less-bawdy will likely depend on how well Once Upon a Deadpool performs when it hits cinemas December 13.

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