Birds Of Prey Has Cast Another Intriguing Batman Villain

Birds Of Prey Has Cast Another Intriguing Batman Villain
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Stephen Lang teases where his Avatar villain is at going into the sequel. Alex Kurtzman discusses the tonal differences between Star Trek: Discovery and the new Picard series. Plus, new clips from Supernatural and Aquaman, and what to expect from the Duke Nukem movie. To me, my Spoilers!

Birds of Prey (Or, the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Deadline reports The Mindy Project’s Chris Messina has joined the cast as Victor Zsasz, the infamous serial killer known to carve tally marks into his own flesh for each life he claims.

Avatar 2

Speaking with /Film, Stephen Lang revealed his character, Colonel Quaritch, is in a “complicated” place at the beginning of Avatar 2. Considering he was, uh, dead by the end of the first movie, “complicated” is one way of putting it!

I can tell you that we’re deeply, deeply into the shooting. We’re by no means finished. Quaritch, his place in this particular universe has gotten more complicated. And that’s kind of the extent of his involvement in the world. The world begins to – the world of Pandora – begins to affect him quite deeply in ways that he either refused or it did not affect him. And it gets under his skin.

Duke Nukem

Assassin’s Creed producer Jean-Julien Baronnet has boarded the Duke Nukem movie, which will be “a parody of 1980’s action heroes,” according to Gearbox Vice President Sean Harran.

He’s a parody of 1980s action heroes and he’s like Deadpool in terms of being able to break the fourth wall. We see a lot of humour in his confronting the values of today while trying to save the world.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Chris Miller posted the film’s soundtrack listing on Twitter.


Aquaman and Mera escape The Trench in the latest clip.

Another new clip sees Dolph Lundgren’s King Nereus verbally sparring with Ocean Master.

Once Upon a Deadpool

A new clip promises the only F-bomb in Once Upon a Deadpool is “Fred Savage.”

The Kid Who Would Be King

The heir to Excalibur (and his ragtag band of school chums) face an army of the undead on the latest poster from Coming Soon.


Dolby Cinema’s Facebook page has an exclusive poster.

Bird Box

Sandra Bullock faces a Stephen Moffatesque menace in the first trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of the Josh Malerman novel.

Dead Ant

An ageing glam metal band fights giant ants in the desert in the latest trailer for Dead Ant.

Star Trek: Picard

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Alex Kurtzman described the upcoming Picard spinoff as an “extremely different” show tonally than Star Trek: Discovery.

It’s an extremely different rhythm than Discovery. Discovery is a bullet. Picard is a very contemplative show. It will find a balance between the speed of Discovery and the nature of what Next Gen was, but I believe it will have its own rhythm.

Without revealing too much about it, people have so many questions about Picard and what happened to him, and the idea we get to take time to answer those questions in the wake of the many, many things he’s had to deal with in Next Gen is really exciting. ‘More grounded’ is not the right way to put it, because season 2 of Discovery is also grounded. It will feel more… real-world? If that’s the right way to put it.

Now Apocalypse

A new poster from Coming Soon reveals the coming-of-age apocalypse comedy debuts March 10 on Starz.


Finally, Dean and Castiel prepare for their battle with Michael in a clip from this week’s episode, “The Spear”.

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