Big Finish Will Not Rest Until It Has Brought Back Pretty Much Everyone From Torchwood

Big Finish Will Not Rest Until It Has Brought Back Pretty Much Everyone From Torchwood

First it was Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd were added.

Then, important supporting stars like Kai Owen and Tom Price.

Then the whole original team showed up! Now, with another familiar face returning, the Torchwood audio drama line is dangerously close to asking us to care about someone from Miracle Day next.

This morning Big Finish announced that James Marsters — of Buffy and Runaways fame—will be reprising his old Torchwood season two character, Captain John Hart, for a four-part series of his own spinoff adventures called The Sins of Captain John.

Hart, first introduced all the way back in 2008’s “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”, was a rogue Time Agent and former romantic partner of Captain Jack Harkness (you see what they did there with the name thing), who played an uneasy ally to the Torchwood team as he gallivanted around the place basically being a meaner, louder version of Jack himself.

He eventually redeemed himself before swanning off to experience Earth, but now The Sins of Captain John will follow the character as he unleashes himself across time and space, sleeping with (and attempting to kill) half the galaxy as he goes.

The full cover art for The Sins of Captain John. (Image: Big Finish)

It’s not the first time that Marsters has returned to the character — he had a guest role in a Torchwood drama released earlier this year, in which he promptly managed to kill the entire team, including the seemingly immortal Jack himself (don’t worry, they all got better, because of course they did). But this in an intriguing and fun premise to give the character. It basically sounds like Doctor Who but with a sex-mad, amorally violent space agent. What could possibly go wrong?

With this though, it’s hard to see just where Big Finish’s Torchwood line could go from here. Is there anyone else of note from the series who’d be worth it? How long until the alien that bones people to death from the very first episode gets their own spinoff? Now that’d be better than literally any character from Miracle Day, honestly.

The Sins of Captain John is set to release in January 2020.