This Is What The New Sydney Fish Market Will Look Like In 2023

One of Sydney’s most iconic locations, the Fish Market, is being relocated from Pyrmont to Blackwattle Bay. It’s not so much a relocation as it is a shift from one wharf to another, but part of the move will include a more modern look and better accessibility. Work on the new site will begin in 2019, with completion set for sometime in 2023.

The updated site, designed by Danish firm 3XN, aims to make the Fish Market “a critical component of the community: a catalyst for a strengthened relationship, both physically and through the identity, it offers to locals and visitors alike”.

Part of this will involve making the Market’s footprint on the area less disruptive:

The foreshore promenade is integrated and expanded via paths that encompass and circulate the destination, and those that force more intimate interaction through permeability.

Flows from Bridge Road will be separated such that what is different functional uses may continue uninterrupted by each other. Strategies that enable ease of operation and function are separating pedestrian and vehicular flows, through various configurations of the vehicles, securing connection for the markets to the wider community and necessary transport link for distribution of market products off site.

The new Market will also feature a “modular framework”, allowing “spaces and places to overlap, change shape and form”:

Modules may be programmed individually or grouped in clusters to allow for diversity not just in use but in scale and shape as well. The building can be programmed with various indoor and outdoor functionalities, depending on the social needs of market users.

Yes, the description is rather fluffy. I mean, cubicles in a regular office are pretty “modular” too. I will say the new design does a good job of paying homage to the current site, while giving it a fresher look.

Ultimately, as long as I can still get my fill of sashimi, I’ll be happy.

Image: 3XN
Image: 3XN
Image: 3XN
Image: 3XN

[3XN, via Inhabitat]