This Artist’s Movie Poster Concepts Will Blow Your Mind

This Artist’s Movie Poster Concepts Will Blow Your Mind
Forum Fantastico poster featuring Frankenstein's monster, Gandalf, and Samus. (Image: All images by Luis Melo)

There was once a time when movie posters — not movie trailers — did all the heavy lifting to convey the magic and wonder promised by a film’s upcoming release. Portugal-based artist Luis Melo does the kind of illustration work that speaks to those wonderful posters of yesteryear in a truly masterful way.

Though Melo’s influences are vast and varied, the idea running through all of his art is to turn every scene into a “visual funk party,” where all of his artistic obsessions are put front and centre.

Melo’s work doesn’t always end up evoking movie posters, but his illustrations all immediately give you a sense of the epic stories that inspired them and how they’d lend themselves to the big screen.

Major Metroid beauty
A great Street Fighter II poster
None other than Prince

Like what you see? Head on over to Melo’s website to check out the rest of his portfolio.