These Game Of Thrones Christmas Jumpers Are Terrible And I Love Them So Much

Hodor dresses for the weather. (Image: HBO)

Christmas jumpers are the pinnacle of seasonal kitsch. They're terrible, brightly coloured, and make everyone look ridiculous. I adore them. These Game of Thrones Christmas jumpers, courtesy of Target in the US? Chef's kiss.

Via Pop Sugar, I've learned that Game of Thrones-branded Christmas jumpers are currently being sold by Target in the US, for those who want to merge our pop culture obsessions with looking like walking candy canes.

There's this one, which comically (?) merges a popular Christmas song with the Night King:

Silent night, zombie night... Is that not how that goes? (Image: via Target)

Or this one, which is more than a little optimistic for a Westeros Christmas:

Joy to the realm when I sit on the Throne. (Image: via Target)

And, of course, this one, for those of us who like puns but don't enjoy trying:

For sleeve-text enthusiasts only. (Image: via Target)

None of these jumpers are really caked in enough royal blood to be proper Game of Thrones Christmas representatives, but they sure are delightful, for incredibly tacky varieties of delightful.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season next year, sometime. 

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