The Latest WatchOS Update Probably Won’t Brick Your Apple Watch

The Latest WatchOS Update Probably Won’t Brick Your Apple Watch
Image: Gizmodo Australia

Last week it was discovered that some Apple Watch Series 4 models were getting bricked by the watchOS 5.1 update. Its replacement, watchOS 5.1.1, has now been released and presumably won’t stuff your watch

The watchOS 5.1 bug rendered some watches completely useless, requiring users to be sent replacemens. Users started taking to Reddit and Twitter to report the issues, which resulted in Apple temporarily removing the update as a precaution.

Although the release notes and maintenance points for the new update don’t mention fixes to the bricking issue, the issue seems to have been resolved now.

The update also adds Walkie Talkie fixes, over 70 emojis that you’ll recognise from iOS 12.1, FaceTime audio and new colour watchfaces.

Apple 'Working On A Fix' For Watches Bricked By Latest Update

There’s always a risk involved when grabbing the latest software update for a device as soon as it’s released. You want to try out all those new features, but there’s bound to be a bug or two discovered as the masses get their hands on it. That gamble didn’t pay off for some Apple Watch Series 4 users, who discovered that watchOS 5.1 bricked their fancy new wearables.

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