Elon Musk: Tesla’s Updated ‘Summon’ Feature Will Make Your Car Follow You ‘Like A Pet’

I don’t know if it’s the dream of many (or any) to have a car that can chase them around like something out of Knight Rider or Herbie the Love Bug, but Tesla’s upcoming update to the Summon feature on its range of electric cars should make this a reality — to a point.

In a series of tweets yesterday, Elon Musk made it know that an “advanced Summon” would be ready for OTA deployment within the next two months.

At the moment, Summon is somewhat limited, allowing one to command their vehicle in and out of parking spots — so straight lines basically. However, going by Musk’s comments, it sounds like the new version will be much more capable, allowing one to “drive it … like a big RC car” and even “follow you like a pet”.

Slowly but surely, Teslas are getting into James Bond territory. I expect rocket launchers and ejector seats by this time next year.

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