Telcos Are Offering Black Friday Phone Plan Deals

Telcos Are Offering Black Friday Phone Plan Deals

Black Friday is in full swing and this year the telcos are also coming to the table with some deals of their own. This is what’s on offer so far.

First up is Optus, which is offering 10% off its 50GB and 80GB 12 month SIM-only plans:

And Telstra is offering $10 off ALL phone and SIM-only. Now $10 off a month may not seem like much, but that will add up over the course of a 12 or 24-month contract. If you were looking to get a nerw phone plan anyway, it’s not a bad offer.

Here are some of the top phone picks, but if you click through to the site you’ll be able to choose any phone your heart desires.

And here’s the SIM-only deal:

Vodafone is also offering a 40GB 12-month SIM-only plan for $40. Previously this plan was $45 and came with only 15GB data.

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