Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Basically Just Leaked The Trailer For Avengers 4

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Basically Just Leaked The Trailer For Avengers 4

Well, Marvel did ask the world to name a more ambitious crossover event in history. It’s only fair that Nintendo replies.

Nintendo just unveiled a ton of new information about the latest entry in its iconic crossover fighting game series, Super Smash Bros.. New characters, new modes, and a plenty of other delights that you can read about at our sister site, Kotaku.

But one of the most exciting things was the reveal of a new story mode for the game called “World of Light,” revealed through an animated trailer that is… well, it’s basically Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 but with video game characters.

No, really. Hear us out!

First up, we have our gathered heroes of various franchises coming together as a united front in the face of unfathomable odds:

Said unfathomable odds are fronted by a megalomaniac villain with a penchant for gloves:

The gloves unleash an ultimate attack that not even the gathered strength of our heroes can overcome…

Literally turning them to dust.

Like, all your faves? They’re gone. Dead. Hell Smash Bros. didn’t even bother with the “half of the universe” thing, it went whole hog. EVERYTHING is gone.

But there is hope, just as there was at the end of Infinity War. Hope in a hero from the stars.

One final hope, who comes crashing down to earth.

And now has to damn well avenge it.

Avengers 4 won’t hit theatres until April 2019. But if you want basically the same thing, Smash Bros. Ultimate hits the Nintendo Switch this December.