Star Wars Resistance Just Gave Us Its Best Name Drop Yet

Star Wars Resistance Just Gave Us Its Best Name Drop Yet

If you’re like me, two words uttered during Sunday’s episode of Star Wars Resistance shook you to your core.

Those words were…

Here’s a hint... (Image: Lucasfilm)

Kylo. Ren.

Yes, the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo made his first appearance, in name only, during the latest episode of Resistance called “The Children of Tehar,” and with it came what’s likely to be a main driving story for the rest of the season.

How’d Resistance get to Kylo? Well, it started with Kaz and Neeku on the look out for two missing kids with a bounty on their heads. Kaz believed, if he found them, he’d be doing a double good deed: returning two missing kids to their parents and getting himself some much needed money. However, once Kaz ran into the kids—literally—we found out that it’s actually the First Order that is offering up the bounty. It turns out that Kylo Ren murdered the kids’ entire village, including their family, and they were the only survivors. The First Order wants them to tie up loose ends. Once captured, it would insure their planet, Tehar, “fades from memory” and the First Order’s plans stay out of reach of the Resistance, according to Captain Phasma. Thankfully, the Resistance has a spy on the Colossus in the form of Kaz, who radios all of this information back to the Resistance.

Tehar is not a planet Star Wars fans have heard of before but Ren’s actions certainly sound familiar. They sound very much like what he and Captain Phasma did to Lor San Tekka’s Jakku village in The Force Awakens. Is Kylo Ren already on the hunt for the information to find Luke Skywalker?

It seems possible, especially since we also learned Poe Dameron was not with the Resistance when Kaz reported in. Poe was off on some mysterious mission so Kaz gave the info to Hasbro Black Series superstar Ello Asty (who tragically passes away during the Resistance’s attack on Starkiller Base). Though Kaz hasn’t heard of Kylo Ren, Asty obviously had and said he’s going to tell General Leia.

Commander Pyre talking to Captain Phasma, they both have metallic trooper outfits. (Image: Lucasfilm)

Is Poe out trying to track down the piece of the map we see him secure in The Force Awakens? Is Kylo Ren on his tail? Or is this some kind of other plan the First Order wants to keep secret from the Resistance? We do not know. What we do know is Star Wars Resistance gave us a lot to think about this week, and we’re all for it.

Random notes

  • Kaz must be force sensitive. I say this half-jokingly because no character since Jar Jar Binks has been so clumsy so often and yet had every single thing work out for him. Neeku specifically says the odds of finding the two kids from Tehar are the equivalent of winning the lottery twice. And then they literally run into Kaz. Come on. How lucky is this guy?

  • It was awesome to see that Captain Phasma isn’t the only First Order Stormtrooper who gets a cool-arse costume. Commander Pyre has a gold costume, in contrast to Phasma’s silver. We wonder what he did to get that.