Here’s A Bunch Of Click Frenzy Camera And Drone Deals

Here’s A Bunch Of Click Frenzy Camera And Drone Deals
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A good rule of thumb with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras is to buy a camera body that you’re happy with then spend the rest of your money on lenses. These Click Frenzy deals let you spend even less on the bodies so that you have more money spend on the glass.

Sony is offering free shipping on all of their sale items. As a separate offer, several Sony mirrorless cameras come with eftpos gift cards of up to $500 when you buy them:

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Retailer Georges is offering 10% off storewide with the discount code ‘FRENZY’ on top of their other discounts. We’ve included that discount in the prices listed below.

A lot of these deals are for cameras that don’t come with any lenses. They’re great deals for people looking to replace a tired and weary body but not the best for anyone looking to jump into photography. These Dick Smith deals cover a range of Canon cameras, all with kit lenses to get you started.

Cameras aren’t the only thing on sale as part of Click Frenzy. Drone enthusiasts can get in on the action with these deals:

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