Now The Director Of It Has Signed On To Remake The Time Machine

Director Andy Muschietti is collecting potential projects like Thanos collects Infinity Stones.

Mere days after news broke that the director of It and It: Chapter Two had signed on to remake Attack on Titan, Deadline now reports he’s also co-written a script reimagining H.G. Wells’ classic The Time Machine that he plans to direct as well.

That’s on top of a project he’s developing with the Russo Brothers as well as a potential remake of Robotech.

Both Attack on Titan as well as The Time Machine are set up at Warner Bros., which is also making It. So obviously, that’s a strong relationship. And while Attack on Titan was reported to be Muschietti’s next project, the fact that this one already has a script (which he wrote with his sister and producing partner Barbara Muschietti) makes it seem equally as possible as a follow-up.

And yet, in three more days, who knows? Maybe he signs on to make a new Superman movie or something else equally unexpected. At this rate, we have no idea. It could be anything.

What we do know is Muschietti just wrapped or is about to wrap It: Chapter Two, which will be out in September 2019. Beyond that, we’d need our own time machine to find out what he’s actually going to do next and which, if any, of these new projects ever see the light of day.