New PS4 Pro Uses Its Indoor Voice

New PS4 Pro Uses Its Indoor Voice
Image: Sony

A new version of Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro has been rolled out and it includes one very important improvement: it’s a lot quieter.

The new Playstation 4 Pro model CUH-7200 has rolled out as part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle. Digital Foundry have reviewed the new unit and have confirmed that it no longer sounds like a jet engine during intense gaming moments. Hooray!

Analysis of the console’s noise levels – done by entering photo mode during intro section of God of War and measuring noise at the top and rear of the units – found that the noise levels of the new console was several decibels lower than the original CUH-7100 models. There were even minor gains against the previous CUH-7100 revision.

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There's a moment playing Infamous First Light, as the heroine made of light climbs up a wall in pitch black darkness, that I fully appreciate the hype around the PS4 Pro. The woman is a multicolored bundle of light particles and thanks to HDR, I can make out each particle and note the way they each cast their own vibrant glow on on the red brick wall. Normally, she'd be a big blob of light, but high dynamic range gives you details in moments of extreme brightness and extreme darkness. I'm watching the next big step in video games, and it is extraordinary.

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Having your console whirring away is an unwelcome distraction and one that you’d rather avoid if you could. If previous reports of noise issues have put you off of buying a PS4 Pro and enjoying 4K gaming, you can put those concerns to rest as Digital Foundry report little more than a constant hum during normal gameplay.

Other changes to the console include a different power cable, suggesting a new power supply, and a minor increase in peak power draw compared to the previous model. These are relatively minor tweaks which are less likely to influence anyone’s decision to make the jump to a PS4 Pro.

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