John Boyega And Letitia Wright May Team Up For A Space Love Story

John Boyega And Letitia Wright May Team Up For A Space Love Story

The director of Another Earth and I Origins is bringing together two of today’s most popular stars for a literal star-crossed love story.

Deadline reports that John Boyega and Letitia Wright may team up with director Mike Cahill to make Hold Back the Stars, based on a book by Katie Khan. The book is about a couple who travel to a new world to start a new life—but get stuck in space and only have 90 minutes of oxygen left to live.

By now, neither Boyega nor Wright need much introduction. You know their work in Star Wars and Black Panther, respectively, and will see more from both of them in those franchises in the future.

Cahill, on the other hand, is a director who might be under your radar. He directed two of the most underrated and interesting sci-fi films of this decade (the aforementionedAnother Earth and I Origins) and has an episode of the upcoming Nightflyers coming soon. He’s a huge talent that hasn’t had the mainstream shot he needs just yet. This film could be it.

The film is currently being shopped around Hollywood and is expected to sell to a distributor quickly. It comes with a script by Christy Hall and the backing of the production company 21 Laps, which has made a few projects you may have heard of, like Stranger Things and Arrival.