How Did You Do On This Marvel Movie Trivia Quiz?

How Did You Do On This Marvel Movie Trivia Quiz?

Everyone knows HQ, right? The live mobile game show that was ridiculously popular a few months back? Well, it’s ongoing, and Monday night it did a full Marvel Movie quiz to honour the late, great, Stan Lee.

Twelve questions, all about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the winners splitting $6,872.

The quiz is now over so you can’t actually compete in it. But it’s up on YouTube, and worth checking out to see if you would have beat the almost 500,000 people who played:

The one question I struggled on was the Stan Lee bartender question. I love Stan and his cameos but at a certain point, they can kind of blend together save for one or two. So I’m not sure if I would have answered that correctly — but, if I hadn’t, I totally would’ve used an extra life and gotten the rest right.

Honestly, if you live and breathe comic book movies the way many of us do, this was not a terribly difficult quiz, which is why 8,458 players won a whopping $0.81 each. It was pretty fun though.

If you stopped playing HQ (or never started), you should probably revisit it. It does a lot of theme nights like this now — Mondays are almost always movies – but it has also done The Office, Friends, and Harry Potter. The prizes can get much bigger and there are a lot of guest stars. I’m still crazy addicted. But, since I was busy this week, I was unable to pocket that sweet $0.81 on this one. Hopefully, they’ll do Marvel again in the future.

Do you think Marvel Studios employees like Kevin Feige aced this no problem? Or are they too focused on Phase 4 to remember the last 10 years?