Don’t Buy Your Kid Fortnite: Monopoly This Cyber Monday

Don’t Buy Your Kid Fortnite: Monopoly This Cyber Monday
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Fortnite: Monopoly is the top-selling board game on Amazon during the Black Friday sales. That’s not a thing I’m particularly happy about, don’t saddle a kid with Monopoly this Christmas just because there’s some Fortnite art on the board. Here are some better board games on sale right now.

Look, I get it, kids love Fortnite. Grabbing a Fortnite edition of Monopoly seems like a good idea, right up to the point where you remember that Monopoly is a terrible game. There’s no defending it, although there’s always someone that claims it’s better if you play by the rules. It’s not.

Instead, here are a number of great board games that are great for families or people looking for a way to start their board game collection.

Azul – $49.45

Azul has fast become a favourite around here with it’s simple, yet beautiful tile-drafting proving a consistent crowd pleaser.

Tiling a wall doesn’t sound like the most interesting thing to make a game out of but Azul is more about taking the right tiles at the right time. You can be a jerk and try to take tiles in a way that makes life difficult for your friends or just focus on what you need. It’s a great game for players of all experience levels.

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Codenames – $22.95

Another favourite, Codenames has two teams competing to see who can correctly guess all of their words on the board first. Each team is driven by their spymaster, who will give them single word clues to try and tie together as many words on the board as they can.

It’s a great way to test kids’ vocabularies and see just how well you know your friends. There’s also a picture based version and any number of licensed spin-offs.

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Ticket to Ride: Europe – $58.95

Ticket to Ride is the great Monopoly replacement. Instead of rolling dice and waiting for the game to be over, you’ll try to complete as many train tracks across the map before someone runs out of train carriages to end the game. Rarely outstaying it’s welcome and adding a few minor tweaks over the original Ticket to Ride, Ticket to Ride: Europe is the perfect starting point.

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