Australia Now Has A Streaming Service For Sports And Only Sports

Australia Now Has A Streaming Service For Sports And Only Sports
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Foxtel just launched a side hustle that’s dedicated to streaming sports. It’s called Kayo… get it?

If you Google “Kayo” the first hit you may get is for a Japanese hair design company. Suffice to say, that isn’t it. What you want is Kayo Sports.

Despite being its own thing, Kayo utilises some of Foxtel’s existing sports content rights to action directly into your eyeballs via the new platform. And it has a pretty great selection so far – including Aussie favourites like cricket, NFL and AFL as well as U.S. sports like NBA and NFL.

And for all you motorsports lovers, you’ll be able to find plenty of Formula 1, NASCAR, MotoGP and Supercars content.

Like most streaming services, Kayo will be available on iOS and Android devices, laptops and PCS and across Telsta TV, Apple TV and Chromecast Ultra – so you have plenty of viewing options.

When it comes to pricing Kayo is definitely pricier than the likes of Stan and Netflix – and there’s no mention of receiving a higher quality picture (such as HD or Ultra HD) when you go for the more expensive plan.

The cheapest plan is $25 a month, which allows an account to stream on two devices simultaneously. For $35 a month you can bump that up to three.

That being said – regular Foxtel sports packs require you to buy an ‘Entry Pack’ in order to access it, so Kayo probably works out cheaper for those who are only after sport. And from the looks of it, the streaming service offers live coverage as well as the ability to re-watch on the majority of the available sports.

You can view the full list of sports and when they’re live right here. It’s worth noting that some sports will only show selected games – which is particularly important for those of you who are heavy into the likes of NBA and MLB and want access to everything.

On the plus side, you can get a 14 day free trial on both packages – so you can try before you buy. I’d recommend choosing a time when your fave sport is in season so you can see if its worth it for you.

Happy sporting!