Apple ‘Working On A Fix’ For Watches Bricked By Latest Update

Apple ‘Working On A Fix’ For Watches Bricked By Latest Update

There’s always a risk involved when grabbing the latest software update for a device as soon as it’s released. You want to try out all those new features, but there’s bound to be a bug or two discovered as the masses get their hands on it. That gamble didn’t pay off for some Apple Watch Series 4 users, who discovered that watchOS 5.1 bricked their fancy new wearables.

As 9to5Mac first reported, a small number of Apple Watch Series 4 owners have turned to Twitter and Reddit to share details of a bug that leaves their smartwatch indefinitely stuck on the boot screen, with the Apple logo displayed, after installing the watchOS 5.1 upgrade that was released alongside iOS 12.1 yesterday.

Apple has since temporarily removed the watchOS 5.1 update, and according to TechCrunch as well as other outlets, the company acknowledged the bug in a statement and said it’s “pulled back the software update as a precaution […]” Apple encouraged users affected by the problem to contact AppleCare, but also assured Apple Watch Series 4 owners not to worry if the update was installed successfully. According to the BBC, affected Apple Watch owners have been asked by Apple to send their devices away for repair or replacement.

“We are working on a fix for an upcoming software update,” Apple said. We’ve reached out to Apple for more information.

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