You Can Now Run Over 10,000 Commodore 64 Programs In Your Browser

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Good news, retro gaming fans!

The Internet Archive hears that you like the Commodore 64, so it's bringing in-browser emulation support to the masses. Like, a lot of it.

When it was announced on Twitter earlier today, Internet Archive had already tested over 10,500 programs. It is basing its emulator off version 3.2 of Vice Emulator and the group will continue to work on the project over the next few weeks.

Here are the original tweets from Internet Archive's Jason Scott.

This isn't the first time that the Internet Archove has gifted us with retro games and programs - it has previously worked on similar projects for MS-DOS and Macintosh software.

You can check out the entire C64 software library here. Personally, I went straight for Bubble Bobble and Oregon Trail.

When I looked up California Games I was greeted with something called Mad Party Fucker v1.0. I haven't had the guts to hit play on it yet.

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