Trump-Themed Dating App Reportedly Leaks Personal Data Hours After Launch

Trump-Themed Dating App Reportedly Leaks Personal Data Hours After Launch

Mere hours after Fox News revealed the existence of a new Trump-centric dating app, a security researcher has apparently uncovered evidence that “Donald Daters” is leaking sensitive user information online.

The app, whose obvious tagline is “Make America Date Again,” is reportedly dumping photos and biographical information about its users into a publicly accessible database—and may even be leaking authentication tokens, which could grant full access to a person’s account, including their private messages.

Motherboard first reported the data exposure citing a tip from security researcher Baptiste Robert, who is also known by the handle Elliot Alderson. Motherboard’s reporters verified the exposure by creating their own Donald Daters profile and then finding their information in a misconfigured database online.

The database also reportedly included what appeared to be private messages, though Motherboard was unable to immediately verify if the messages were authentic. The reporters were likewise unable to test the apparently leaked login tokens. (Doing so would violate federal law.)

Motherboard said after testing the app that it seemed “barely functional,” with it being unable apparently to locate a single user in New York City identifying as a woman. Various options within the app are said to be on the fritz. (Gizmodo has not itself tested that app, but commends Motherboard for taking the plunge.)

In a statement to Fox News, Donald Daters CEO Emily Moreno said that many Trump supporters having found dating “nearly impossible” thanks to “liberal intolerance.”

“Support for the president has become a dealbreaker instead of an icebreaker,” she said, explaining the platform was created so that Trump supporters could “meet people without being afraid of talking politics.”

We’ve reached out to Donald Daters for comment and will update if the company responds.