Tesla Charging Goes Bush

Image: CousinDazz on Reddit

Here's one for you EV lovers.

A recent post on Reddit titled 'Servo on the south coast' captured some pictures of a Tesla charger that seems to be in the middle of the bush.

Servo on the south coast. from r/australia

As it turns out, it's a destination charger at the Bower Resort near Bateman's Bay on the NSW South Coast:


But the fact that it's a standalone charger in a rural area that isn't attached to a larger structure is still pretty cool. You really can stick an EV charger almost anywhere with access to electricity.

The conversation that follows the post is also interesting, including a discussion over the need for industry standard chargers for EVs.

But perhaps most importantly, the original poster 'CousinDazz' let us all know why he was down the coast.


Love your work, Dazz. I hope you had a great weekend.

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