How To Watch Apple’s iPad And Mac Event In Australia

How To Watch Apple’s iPad And Mac Event In Australia

Two months on from the new iPhone launch and it’s time for another Apple event at a time that makes Australians cry! But hey, we know some of you hardcore fans are willing to sacrifice sleep to watch the new announcements drop in real time – and this is how you can do it.

The event will kick off on Wednesday 31 October at 01:00 AEDT (00:30 ACDT, 00:00 AEST, 23:30 October 30 ACST, 22:00 October 30 AWST). Like with the September event, watching along isn’t as simple as embedding a link below.

You’ll be able to watch the live stream from the event page over on Apple’s website – just like last time.

You can also follow the updates via this tweet:

When you hit ‘like’ you will get updates from Apple’s Twitter account about the event, like so:

While we don’t know exactly what’s going to be announced, plenty of rumours have been flying around – including the removal of the home button and headphone jack from the new iPad Pro (and perhaps even the inclusion of USB-C, but I’ll believe it when I see it), a new iPad Mini, Updated AirPods, updated iMacs and MacBook airs and perhaps even a revival of the iMac Mini.

All will be revealed soon and we’ll be here to deliver all the news to your eye holes.

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