Honest Government Ad Makes You Feel Sick About Timor-Leste

Image: YouTube

Video: The Juice Media are never shy about taking aim at the “Australien” government for everything from fracking the outback to anti-encryption laws. But its latest video feels even more brutal and full of awful shit than usual.

This is probably because its not just exploring how Australians are potentially getting screwed over by The Man, but how the impoverished island nation of Timor-Leste is too.

Supporting Indonesia’s 1975 invasion, dodgy oil and gas deals, corporate espionage and trying a whistle blower in a secret court are just a few things that The Juice Media shines a big uncomfortable spotlight on this month.

And sure, the execution of the video is still humorous – but it seems designed to make you feel sicker than more you watch. Especially when you get to the part about kids and foreign aid.

You can watch more Honest Government Ads over at The Juice Media’s YouTube page.