Fisk Provokes Matt Murdock's Inner Demons In A New Daredevil Featurette

Fisk saunters in the shadows to cast a rather intimidating specter over Matt. (Image: Netflix)

If the Netflix Marvel universe loves one thing, it’s having defeated villains come back to haunt our heroes. And by the looks of a few moments in this tantalising behind-the-scenes look at Daredevil’s return, it seems the show is taking a page out of Jessica Jones’ playbook.

Most of this new snippet focuses on actors Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio discussing the return of Fisk to Daredevil, after a stint in jail while Matt was beating up ninjas, exploring giant holes, and getting a building dropped on him. But the actual footage we get of the Kingpin—now clad in his comic-book-accurate white suit, complete with him stroking an entire wardrobe’s worth of them to hammer the point home—seems to hint that there’s some very interesting aspects to his role this season, beyond getting out of prison.

There’s a few moments in this trailer where we get to see Fisk shadowing Matt as he goes about his black-suit-clad vigilante business that feel very reminiscent of the moments Kilgrave showed up in Jessica’s head in Jessica Jones’ second season—especially as Kingpin is trying to stoke Matt’s darker thoughts and convince him to “let the devil out.” So are we not just getting more Fisk now that he’s out of prison, but Matt’s own little devil-on-his-shoulder sort of thing? It seems like it.

Daredevil returns to Hell’s Kitchen on Netflix later this week, streaming from October 19.

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