Fake Products From Movies Become Awesome Pop Culture Posters

Fake Products From Movies Become Awesome Pop Culture Posters

The best kind pop culture art isn’t obvious. It’s subtle, winks its eye, and takes a certain amount of knowledge to understand. “Product Placement”, the latest art exhibit at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, is all that and then some.

“Product Placement” is an art show consisting of fake ads for products in movies and television – things such as the night vision goggles from Jurassic Park, seen above.

Also represented: Star Wars, Dune, Big, Willy Wonka, The Last Starfighter, Evil Dead and Batman, in pieces that aren’t immediately identifiable as references to those movies. You’d have to know the movies to know these posters, and that’s what makes them so great.

Here’s just a small sampling from the show.

Image: All Images, Gallery 1988

Image: All Images, Gallery 1988

Dejarik: Holochess by Doug LaRocca

Travel Without Moving by Barrett Biggers

The Remembrall by Danny Haas

For Children with Very Little Pocket Money by Dave Perillo

Tosche Station by Jason Chalker

Where’s the Goat by Joel Hunter of Half Hazard Press

Zoltar Speaks by John J. Pearson

The Chainsaw That Made a Man Out of Ash by Matt Talbot

Stay Puft Marshmallows by Ryan Brinkerhoff

Gotham City Bomb Disposal Services by Scott Derby

Starfighter Arcade Cabinet by Tom Whalen

Did you get all of those? Admittedly, the ones we shared are all pretty obvious. But the rest of the show is even more niche. There are posters from, well, that would ruin the surprise. Head over to Gallery 1988 to check them out.

The show is on display at the gallery until October 27.