Be Inspired By The Amazing Art Of NASA’s Project Mars

Project Mars is not an interplanetary colonisation mission to the red planet, as the name might suggest, but rather a creative competition, commissioned by NASA, to “communicate science and technology with multimedia artwork, promoting innovation and engaging society in the future of space exploration”. This week, winners were chosen… and their efforts are something else.

Project Mars featured two categories — videos and posters — with judges including Rogue One director Gareth Edwards and former astronaut Nicole Stott.

Mayukh Goswami, Subigya Basnet and Divya More took the grand prize in the video category with “Rendezvous with Mars“, which you can watch below.

The lead video, “Nomadic Clouds“, by Zhouneng Wang and Wai Ching Cheng, was one of three to receive the judge’s prize.

For the poster category, Adrianna Allen’s “Mars Is In Our DNA” won the grand prize.

If you’d like to check out more winners, hit up the competition’s website.

[NASA, via Syfy]