Unintentionally Creepy Halloween Costumes, Space Rovers, And All The Best Toys You Missed This Week

Unintentionally Creepy Halloween Costumes, Space Rovers, And All The Best Toys You Missed This Week

Ending the week without a list of new ways to blow your paycheck just feels wrong, so welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s weekly roundup of the coolest toys we’ve seen on the internet. This week we’ve got some Star Wars-themed costume ideas that will unintentionally terrify your neighbourhood, a fun Squirrel Girl doll from Hasbro, a new festive Lego set, and a bunch of Lego-like, easy-to-build electronics kits.

Hasbro Star Wars Yoda Electronic Mask

Halloween is still over a month away, so you’ve still got a lot of time to figure out the perfect costume while you work through bag after bag of tiny chocolate bars. Jedi Master Yoda hasn’t been as popular an option as he was in the ‘80s, but that could soon change with Hasbro’s latest addition to its animated, electronic mask line — available soon for $US35 ($49). When you open your mouth with the mask strapped to your face, Yoda’s mouth opens, his ears wiggle, and sound effects from the Star Wars films save you from having to do your awful Yoda impression. Like, we do!

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Inflatable Costume

If Yoda feels too goody-goody for your trick-or-treating needs next month, and you’ve rather go the Star Wars scoundrel route, this inflatable Han Solo in Carbonite costume is as easy as strapping an inflatable mattress to your body. (What? You weren’t hazed in college?) Available from Amazon for $US87 ($121), it includes a battery-powered fan to keep it inflated while you’re at parties, or being hauled away by a friend dressed as Boba Fett. It also includes built-in gloves and an attached face mask to complete the illusion.

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Lego Creator Winter Village Fire Station

Now that your Halloween plans are squared away, it’s time to turn your attention to the holidays. The latest addition to Lego’s festive village line, which already includes a working train and station, is this 1,166-piece fire station that includes an old-timey firetruck, six minifigures plus a Dalmatian dog, a tiny skating rink, and a decorated Christmas tree. For $US100 ($139), available next month, Lego wants you to replace the ceramic miniature village on the fireplace mantle that your parents spent all of December each year telling you not to touch. This version is definitely more play-friendly.

Department 56’s Harry Potter Holiday Village

On the other hand, if the holidays just don’t feel right without a miniature ceramic village on display somewhere in your home, Department 56 is introducing a new Harry Potter collection this year featuring working lighting, animated features, and lovely detailing. They range in price from $US32.50 ($45) for a statue of Ron and Hermione playing with Scabbers, to $US180 ($250) for the Hogwarts great hall and tower. Building out your collection is an expensive quest, but you can always cheap out on the eggnog (milk + yellow food colouring = done!) to help fund your new obsession.

Marvel Rising Dolls

Marvel’s new transmedia take on the secret warriors—bringing together a young group of heroes featuring the likes of Squirrel Girl, America Chavez, Ms. Marvel, and more—has already got an animated movie and its own comics, but now it’s slipping into a line of DC Superhero Girls and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny style dolls aimed at young kids. Every main character from the show’s roster will be available in a series of collectible dolls, as will roleplay toys replicating gadgets like Spider-Gwen’s webshooters. The Marvel Rising line is set to launch at Target in October, after the animated film’s premiere on Disney Channel and Disney XD on September 30.

littleBits Base, Electronic Music, and Space Rover Inventor Kits

The creators of the littleBits kits figured out how to combine Lego and circuits to make it easy to create working electronic toys that easily snap together with magnets. Joining the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit we got to try out a few weeks ago are three new building sets, including the $US100 ($139) Base Inventor Kit that includes a voice-activated gripper arm; the $US100 ($139) Electronic Music Inventor Kit that lets kids build a synth guitar and other instruments; and the $US200 ($278) Space Rover Inventor Kit that will have aspiring NASA scientists designing and building a rock collector for exploring the farthest reaches of their backyard.