The Internet Reacts To Apple's 2018 iPhones

Image: Gizmodo Australia

In case you couldn't tell already, it's iPhone Day here at Gizmodo. I've been up since 2:30am and I'm buzzed on excess caffeine and pure adrenaline.

There were a lot of rumours and leaks going into this year's event — especially around the possible names and price points. And you better believe that the internet has some opinions on what we now know to be the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR.

There were some adorably optimistic people out there who thought that maybe, just maybe Apple would bring down the prices on its next gen iPhones in order to remain competitive, and perhaps kill us all from sheer shock.

They were wrong.

Apple gonna Apple.


There's also been some talk on social about how similar the devices are.

This includes Huawei who threw some massive shade in the lead up to its Mate 20 launch next month.

And of course, general complaints and lols.




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