The Gifted's Latest Trailers Want You To Pick A Side In The Coming Mutant War

Skyler Samuels as the Frost Sisters. (Image: Fox)

Video: When The Gifted returns this spring, the Mutant Underground and the Hellfire Club are going to war, and the show’s latest pair of trailers show that the conflict is going to force everyone to reconsider their allegiances.

With Sentinel Services now using extreme force against civilian mutants with reckless abandon, both the Mutant Underground and the Hellfire Club understand that they have no choice but to fight for their lives if they want to survive. But their ideological differences about how to go about that fight will bring them face to face with one another in a way that feels every bit like Charles Xavier and Magneto’s old school beef.

As perilous as their circumstances are, neither side can really afford to spend all that much time in the intra-community battle, because whichever side “wins”, they can be sure that the humans will still be gunning for them when The Gifted returns in the US on September 25. The show airs on FOX8 in Australia, but a premiere date for season two has not yet been announced.

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