The Doctor And Her Doctors

The Doctor And Her Doctors

“The Doctor and the Doctors” sounds like a really good Steven and the Stevens tribute band, honestly.

Yesterday the cast and crew behind Doctor Who season 11 descended on the latest hub of alien activity du jour, Sheffield, for a press screening of “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”, Jodie Whittaker’s full debut as the 13th Doctor.

To celebrate, the BBC got Whittaker back in costume and brought her some cosplaying friends…

Twelve of them, in fact.

Honestly, it’s kind of brain-fritzing at first glance. It’s like that bit with Rey in the cave in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but with more culottes, coats that look like superhero capes, and rainbow T-shirts.

But it’s a delightful bit of brain-fritzing, none the less! Especially the cosplayers in the lineup who can’t help but crack a smile at being one Time Lord among many. Or one Time Lord among 13, to be precise. You can check out a few more pictures from today’s Doctor Who press screening below:

For the rest of us, Doctor Who returns October 8.