Thanos Faces Horror’s Most Iconic Villains In This Killer Photo

Thanos Faces Horror’s Most Iconic Villains In This Killer Photo

Even with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes couldn’t defeat Thanos. But maybe a bloodier solution would do the trick. What if five icons of horror decided to battle the Mad Titan instead?

We’ll never know how that would actually play out, but toy photographer Allen “Jax” Navarro made it a reality nonetheless. He staged and took this incredible photo of Thanos battling Jason, Pennywise, Freddy, Michael, and Chucky, five of the most famous faces in horror — and we think it’s incredible.

The full image from photographer Jax Navarro. (Photo: Plastic Action Jax)

Anyone who has ever tried to stand up a toy can sit in awe at this image, let alone marvel at the poses, lighting, and detail.

“My goal is to create pieces that not just look good visually, but have an interesting story behind it,” Navarro told io9 over email. “I want people to express some type of emotion when they see my work. I love to make people laugh but I also want my pieces to generate healthy discussions and arguments or leave it open enough to where they are able to create their own conclusion to the story.”

For this piece, Navarro began to think of non-Marvel ways Thanos could be defeated. “I decided to use scare tactics for this one, and there’s no better way to induce fear than the legends of horror,” he said.

For more of Navarro’s work, which is awesome, visit his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or official website.