Legion's Dan Stevens Faces A Nightmarish Cult In The First Apostle Trailer

Seems like you’d want to be running away instead of dramatically posing mere feet from the bloody monster-man, but you do you, Dan Stevens. (Image: Netflix)

Video: What do you do when not facing mutant marvels and battling in wild mental planescapes in Legion? If you’re Dan Stevens, you apparently spend your time investigating old-timey cults that are proooooobably up to no good.

Directed by Gareth Evans, the writer/director behind The Raid, Netflix’s Apostle follows Stevens’ character Thomas Richardson at the dawn of the 20th century, as he attempts to free his sister from the clutches of a religious commune lead by an enigmatic spiritual leader (played by a delightfully accented Michael Sheen) on their island “utopia”.

Emphasis on the very sarcastic quotation marks there, because as you’ll see in the trailer below — which is grim enough to warrant a mild NSFW warning — there’s nothing really utopian about ritual sacrifices and plunging nasty-looking drills into the heads of ne’er-do-wells:

It’s kept vague enough that Apostle could just be your run-of-the-mill cult horror movie, but there’s a few moments in this trailer, including a very bloody-looking creature/guy that stalks Thomas in the latter half, that makes it seem as though there’s potentially something a bit more supernatural behind Michael Sheen’s creepy cultist power hour.

We’ll find out on October 12, when Apostle hits Netflix.


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